September 2015

Dear Soph,

Another month has just flown on by but this has been a bit of a quiet one. This month you and daddy took a trip to the Arboretum in Nottingham whilst I headed off to a tattoo studio around the corner. I’ve always been a huge fan of tattoos, and have some, but I got all of them on a whim and they mean nothing to me. I decided that I wanted to get a cover-up for one of them now based around a purple Lotus flower. I decided on the Lotus flower after reading around as some people think of the Lotus as a miracle flower because it starts out under the thick mud, works its way through all of that and then pushes up through the water to bloom on the surface. It takes a lot for the Lotus to be able to be seen and although we didn’t have it nearly as hard as we could have done to get you, it was still a massively emotional rollercoaster for us and I’ll always think of you as our miracle.

You have been talking non-stop about the holiday that we are heading on next month as you are really excited to be living with Nana Sue and Jess for a week so hopefully we will all have fun together! You have also been talking about what you want for Christmas and you have decided on a purple bike – we will have to see what Santa can do about that.

Finally, you have decided that you really, reallllllly want to go to school! We’ve been doing some alphabet worksheets at home which are a bit like school work and you now can’t wait to go and ask about it all the time, you also watch the kids walking to school from your window in the morning which is adorable but I so wish that you’d slow down a bit – time just seems to be melting away and you’ll be heading to school off before I know it … my little bestie will be off all day, learning and making new friends. I’m going to miss you being my little shadow.

Love you xoxox

August 2015

Dear Soph,

You have always had a huge dependance on your dummy to the point where we have been terrified for the day that we have to encourage you to give it up (I was the same, Santa had to take mine away for another little boy or girl … I think I got a bike in return for that!) so imagine our surprise when you basically gave it up all on your own because we couldn’t find one. Smashing it in true Soph fashion! You’ve also decided that you don’t need nappies any more as you are that confident on the potty. You’re still wet at night though so we will keep you in a nighttime nappy until you’re ready but you’ve blown us away this month with just how clever and grown up you’ve been.

We’ve been on more day trips with Nana Sue as she has her annual two week shut down at work. We went to Sherwood Forest Railway where we all had a ride on a little train and you even got to pull the whistle. We also went to Sherwood Pines which was brilliant and up to Carsington Water where we had a good play out on the park and a nice little walk around. I can’t wait until we can take you out on a ramble but right now you get fed up of walking for too long so we will hold off on that for a while. You’ve also been lucky enough to go for a day out to Yorkshire Wildlife Park with us and Nana Teresa which you seemed to enjoy too.

You’ve started to put on little shows for us with your toy piano – you stand behind it bashing away on the keys whilst singing nonsense songs. It makes you happy and makes my heart melt! You’re also a big fan of singing the alphabet song now and love trying to learn it all … when you can be bothered to try that is!

Finally, my favourite conversation with you this month went like this…

You: Can I have this?
Me: What's the magic word?
You: Abracadabra!

How could I say no to that?!?!?!

Love you xoxox

July 2015

Dear Soph,

We’ve started to call you Monster – it’s said with love but some days you seem to be trying your very best to love up to it! You’re certainly finding out who you want to be and watching that is a joy … a loud, tiring and sometimes headache inducing joy. We wouldn’t change you for the world though.

Here is one example of you taking on the role of monster…

This was all because your dinner was ready and I had to bring you back inside.
Me: You have to come inside for dinner
You: I don’t want to come inside,
I want daddy,
I don’t like mummy any more!
and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat!

It’s a good thing I love you!

So this month we have really started to push potty training and so far you seem to be smashing it. You’re also seeming to take more of an interest in learning new things, especially the alphabet though you do get fed up at times so we aren’t pushing you too hard as we don’t want you to hate learning, we want to keep it fun so that you will hopefully want to do more as we go along.

You have started to enjoy Biff, Chip and Kipper books which has me totally excited because I love to read and really hope that you do too. You’ve also started to play a lot more make believe style games with toy people and things like doctors sets so that is fun to watch … though it’s not so fun to have you digging plastic medical instruments into us!

Finally we took a day out to Rufford Park with Nana Sue and Jess so you two had plenty of fun running around the place together as usual.

Love you xoxox

June 2015

Dear Soph,

We have stepped into the land of “Why?” it’s all you ask so we have been having a lot of fun trying to explain everything that you want to know. The parroting has also become more of a challenge as we do keep slipping up with swearing around you at times. The other day you were walking around chanting “piss, piss, piss” and you’ve also repeated “shit” from me and “for fuck’s sake” from your dad. It is so hard to keep a straight face when trying to explain how these are naughty words that you shouldn’t say because it is bloody hilarious when you say things that you shouldn’t with a cheeky grin on your face … it’s almost like you know that you shouldn’t be doing it but do it regardless! Anyways, we are trying to be better around you.

We celebrated Nana Teresa’s 60th birthday. We went to a little party at her home which you loved as there was party food and you were the centre of attention all day. You also went for your first a la carte meal in a restaurant – you discovered a love of scampi and behaved so well! We were incredibly proud of you and pleased that this is something that we know that we can do again with no worries.

We also took you on your first holiday this month. We decided on a mini break to Blackpool – I used to go when I was a kid and remember really enjoying it so we were hoping that you would too. Whilst in Blackpool we took a trip out to the zoo. You seemed to enjoy the day as a whole but you kept asking for “more animals” and wouldn’t really take the time to look at anything. We did watch a parrot and sea lion shoe and you did seem to be taken by them. We also took a trip to the Sea Life centre which didn’t seem to really catch your attention although you did seem interested by the rays and their smiling faces.

As is tradition when at the seaside, we took you for a play on the beach where we made sandcastles and paddled in the sea but there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE!!!! You also had your first ever donkey ride on a donkey named Blue.

Overall, we had a fun time and I’m looking forward to future holidays when you can decide some things that you’d like to do too.

Love you xoxox

May 2015

Dear Soph,

This month you saw your Auntie Em for her birthday, you don’t get to see her very often, so when you do you really dote on her.

Your Nana Teresa and I took you to a butterfly house which had a little zoo attached. We watched a bird show and you really loved looking at all the different colours of butterfly. There was also a dinosaur section where you could walk around some different types of dino – you really enjoyed this until the sounds started up – the roaring really scared you at times.

Your daddy and I took you to Twycross Zoo where we had a lovely day looking at all of the animals and playing on the park. That being said, the one thing you wanted to see was a lion and they didn’t have one! We let you have your pick of a toy from the shop at the end of the day and you decided on a Brachiosaurus balloon on a stick instead. You fell asleep in your chair cuddling it on the way home which was beyond cute! We also went to a local fair where you had a couple of rides (which you cried about being on!) and had a go on the Hook a Duck with daddy.

One day when I was cooking dinner you came to me and told me that you wanted to be a cat, I told you I’d be with you in a minute and then I walked in to see you with a felt in your hand trying to draw whiskers onto yourself … bloody kid! ๐Ÿ˜›

Finally, you have started to sleep through the night in your bad now which is brilliant and you have also developed a mad love for broccoli. You talk about being a giant eating trees and you actively rob them from my plate – I’m not going to complain about that!

Love you xoxox

April 2015

Dear Soph,

We’ve had fun this month as Nana Sue has taken some time from work and we’ve had some days out. We went to White Post Farm and Jess came along too – I found this quite tiring as Jess is a real live wire and doesn’t go slowly like you do! Keeping up with her is quite the challenge. We also went to Sherwood Forest to have a look at the Major Oak which is where Robin Hood apparently used to hide out and take shelter. When I was a kid you could stand in the crevice in the trunk but now it’s all cordoned off and fully supported … but she’s an old girl now so I get it.

We had an Easter egg hunt through the house, we may have gone a little overboard and now we are all sick of chocolate. We also got you your first costume – you make a cute pirate!

I swear like a trooper, I always have! I try my hardest to not swear around you but tonight I had a little accident in the kitchen and dropped something so I let out a swear … your new word of the day was “shitsticks!” … ooops!

Your daddy and I took you to see CBeebies Live in Nottingham and you really seemed to love it. We think that it might have been a bit too much stimulation for you at the minute because there were times where you seemed a little overwhelmed and didn’t know where to look but we would definitely be willing to take you back again.

Finally, you have turned into one of the nicest and most polite little girls on the planet! You almost always say please and thank you and are rarely prompted to do so and you also tell your daddy and I that you love us all the time!

Love you xoxox

March 2015

Dear Soph,

This has been a month of sickness, you’ve had an awful cough for a while so we took you to the Dr just to get you checked out. They said that because you’ve been struggling that you can have an inhaler for when it gets too bad. One night you and I were up until 5:30am having cuddles on the couch because you just couldn’t lie down without coughing so badly. The thing is, now that you have the inhaler, you’ve seemed to get better on your own and we’ve not really needed to use it … typical isn’t it?!?!?!

You have added the Wheels on the Bus to your even growing repertoire of songs that you like to sing now and nothing makes you happier than belting a song out.

As you have become a bugger when it comes to going shopping we decided to let you pick a teddy bear from the shop in the hopes that you’d behave. You picked a green bug-eyed leopard-like thing whose name was Sasha according to the tag. You have decided that it needed a new name though and now call it Pando and right now it goes everywhere with you.

Your Nana Sue and I took you for a trip out to Willow Tree Farm where we fed a few animals, had a walk around and a play on the swing – you still love a swing! We also took another trip to Matlock where we fed the ducks, ate ice cream and hit up the parks again.

Finally, as we are firmly in terrible two territory, we are having lots of “I don’t like it!” being thrown around and many a moody glare at times. It’s a good thing you’re cute ๐Ÿ˜›

Love you xoxox